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Monday, September 05, 2005

On Spamming

I had to turn off comments for the last posting due to a spambot that found my site and inserted a bogus comment. It's turned back on now, so feel free to comment away! Let me hear from you, and what you think of my blog...... BTW, if you're blogging and you haven't turned on the word verification feature or some other kind of monitoring feature, you should do that now. Spammers suck, big time. Such a lazy way to get their messages out, with no cranial capacity at all. Morons.... If they only had a brain, they'd devise clever methodologies for reaching their target audiences instead of wasting people's time with unwanted invasive emails and pop-ups. I think they should all be rounded up and forced to watch George Orwell's "1984"and Fritz whats-his-name's "Metropolis" until they refute technology entirely and go live in a desolate desert somewhere where they can no longer inflict their sub-100 IQ spamming ways on decent hardworking folk..... but I ramble, so I'll stop here.