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Monday, January 31, 2005

Top Ten

Here are the Top Ten issues facing entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley today.

1) Money, or the lack thereof!
2) Gathering momentum for your idea and/or company.
3) Staying power (or, how long is the "runway"?).
4) Influencing and motivating others to do as promised (or, responsibility without authority).
5) Separating the wheat from the chaff when taking on new clients and projects (who's hot and who's not).
6) Creating and maintaining deal flow (or, establishing your pipeline).
7) Turning prospective clients and customers into paying clients and customers (or, if they're not creating revenue today, are they really your clients and customers?).
8) Nothing attracts success like success (or, earning credibility one client at a time)
9) Repeat business (or, keep them coming back for more)
10) Financial and other metrics to determine your success, and learning to pass it on (or, its never to early to share for other's benefit)

Surely these issues are applicable in other environs. But in Silicon Valley today, five years after the bust, by paying attention to these issues and mastering them, the budding entrepreneur will have a higher probability for success. I've already covered the first two issues in my last posting. In subsequent blog postings I will go over the rest of them, and we'll see if yet more come to surface.....